Impressions in Pet Grooming

Rates & Services


All prices are dependant on condition and temperament of the dog, and type of style.  These prices are guide lines, to get an accurate estimate, call for an appointment for an evaluation.  All grooms include bath and blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, expression of anal glands, and cut and style, all natural shampoos & conditioners.

A complete groom for a small dog (under 15 lbs.)                 $40.00 and up.

A complete groom for a medium sized dog (under 35 lbs)      $50.00 and up.

Large dogs are dependant upon breed, type and style of grooming.

Double coated breeds (collies, German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, etc.)   $60.00/hour for combing time.  Bath and nail trim is included.  Additional trimming may be extra.  Double coated breeds are thoroughly brushed and combed out, using all tools available, without paying for "special" tools used or treatments.

Teeth Brushing                                                                           $8.00 

Flea Shampoo                                                                             $5.00, in addition to regular grooming price.

Skunk Treatment                                                                         $10.00, in addition to regular grooming price. 

Spa Package                                                                                $18.00, in addition to regular grooming; includes

                                                                                            teeth brushing, breath  spray, moist-

                                                                                             urizer on foot pads,  deep conditioning,

                                                                                             plum facial, nails dremeled.

Nail Trim                                                                                        $12.00                    

Please call:  719-749-9889, if no answer, please leave a message and we will get back to you.